Books by Helene Shulman Lorenz

Culture is the seed of resistance that blossoms into the flower of liberation
by Miranda Bergan and O’Brien Thiele, San Francisco, CA

Toward Psychologies of Liberation (with Mary Watkins) Palgrave Press, 2008

“This landmark book takes us on an unforgettable journey across disciplines, countries, spiritualities, and techniques to teach us twenty-first century psychologies of liberation. Authors Watkins and Shulman transform the discipline of psychology, showing us its connections to all disciplines concerned with liberating the imagination. Across international fields of difference, these authors never give up the prize: social and psychic emancipation. In doing so, they define what “decoloniality” means for the twenty-first century.”

Chela Sandoval, Associate Professor of Liberation Philosophy; Chair, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.    

Spanish Edition: Hacia Psicologías de Liberación,
Partes 1 y 2 – Tr. Montserrat Chanivet Marabot


Capítulo 1: Más allá de Universales: Regeneración Local

Capítulo 2: Más allá de la ideología: el diálogo

Capítulo 3: Más allá del desarrollo: La liberación

Capítulo 4.1: Parte II -- Heridas psíquicas del Colonialismo y la Globalización

Capítulo 4.2: Síntomas y Psicologías en el Contexto Cultural

Capítulo 5: De espectador a testigo comprometido

Capítulo 6: Las patologías de la perpetración

Capítulo 7: Duelo y Testigo después del Trauma Colectivo

Capítulo 8.1: Parte III -- El surgimiento de la restauracion creativa

Capítulo 8.2: Ruptura y Hospitalidad

Capítulo 9: La conciencia nómada y de los no sujetos

Capítulo 10: Diálogo 

Capítulo 11.1: Parte IV Prácticas participativas de las Psicologías de la Liberación

Capítulo 11.2: Comunidades de Resistencia. Hogares públicos y lugares de apoyo a la reconciliación

Capítulo 12: Las artes liberatorias. Amnesia, contra-memoria, contra-memorial

Capítulo 13: Investigación acción participativa crítica

Capítulo 14: Colocando las Éticas Dialógicas en el centro de la Investigación Psicológica

Capítulo 15: Sueños de Reconciliación y Restauración 

Living at the Edge of Chaos,  Daimon Verlag, 1997

“The author ably translates concepts not only from psychology, but from ecology, politics, and even shamanism into a non-reductive systems framework with which we can grasp the interface between mind and milieu, the while avoiding the EITHER experience-distant OR experience-near split that runs through so much postmodern thought. For that alone I would rate this book highly.
Moreover, these theoretical discoveries and speculations are applied to urgent contemporary crises like warfare, poverty, and social injustice, framing them as our unconscious attempt to push an overly rigid, "high-grid" civilization closer to the edge of chaos, where new channels of information can open and correct systemic imbalances.
Even biology plays its part in this coevolutionary swirl.”

Craig Chalquist, Department Chair of East-West Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies

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